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2023 China Auto Import and Export Forum undertaken by Genertec forms synergy for better future of auto industry


The 2023 China Auto Import and Export Forum was successfully held in Beijing on March 10 under the theme of "smoothening 'dual circulation' and stimulating new driving forces". The forum was jointly hosted by Genertec International and China Automobile Dealers Association, and was organized by Genertec Vehicles.

It was aimed at helping China's automobile industry practitioners gain a more objective and comprehensive understanding of the development of the country's automobile trade, build confidence for the prospects of the industry, in a bid to build consensus and form synergy to promote rapid expansion in the scale of automobile trade, continuous improvement in the quality and benefits of the trade, thus injecting new impetus into the high-quality development of the country's foreign trade sector.

The forum brought together more than 650 participants, including officials from government departments and associations of China's automobile industry, representatives of automobile manufacturers, companies engaging in automobile trade and distribution, financial institutions, logistics service providers, as well as journalists.

Participants offered advice and suggestions on the development of China's automobile import and export industry, shared their experience of witnessing the historical leap China's automobile industry has made from "bringing in" to "going global", and contributed ideas for helping more Chinese brands increase their presence in the global automobile market.

They conducted in-depth analysis of and offered profound insights into the development of China's automobile import and export in such aspects as macro economy, market environment, implementation of policies, and overseas strategic deployment of companies.

A report on the development of China's automobile import and export industry was released at the forum. The document provides authoritative analysis of China's automobile export and import situation in 2022, and presents prospects for trends in China's automobile export and import industry in 2023.

During the forum, a ceremony marking the 10th anniversary of statistical work on information about China's automobile import market was held. Genertec Vehicles, together with leading enterprises in China's automobile industry, launched an international marketing service platform serving China's automobile exports, in an effort to continue empowering China's export of automobiles, create a new model for the business, and improve the popularity of Chinese automobile brands.