Genertec has a long history of engaging in trade, playing a mainstay role in related sectors such as communications, electronics, chemical engineering, and forestry.

As a comprehensive service provider for the supply chain of mobile communication terminal products, Genertec is also a leader in the field of terminal product distribution of mobile communication for many years.

Genertec’s business scope in trade includes information and communication supply chain (domestic and abroad), EBG government-enterprise business, international trade and bidding services, supply chain technological services, convention and expo advertising, information engineering, and virtual network operating.

Meanwhile, Genertec is also a major importer of resource-based bulk commodities, including paper pulp, sulphur, and oils and oilseeds. The size of Genertec’s business operations is among the biggest in the country. In a bid to further integrate its trade business, in 2021, Genertec established Genertec PTAC, a sub-group that specializes in postal and telecommunications appliances.

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